Visit ISU’s stand at TU Night 2019 and travel to the future!

TU Night is open-door event to discuss research topics with the community in several formats all over the campus. This year, TU Braunschweig presents the theme: Knowledge Moves the Future . Check the complete program: TU Night.

ISU will be in the Architekturpavilon presenting interesting research: from urban planning to mobility.
Our main attraction is the Time Machine, an interactive tool to understand how we want to live in the future. 
Unleash your imagination, travel with us to the year 2050 and create visions for your Lower Saxony!

Date: Saturday, June 29th.
Time: 6pm – 1AM
Place: TU Braunschweig Campus

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Dirk Neumann and the Interactive TOPOI at TU Night 2018. Credits: ISU 2018.