International Conference, 07.11.2017, 9am-10pm | Berlin
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Exploring challenges and opportunities of openness and its implications for theories, perspectives and instruments of the Open City

The OPEN CITY FORUM critically examines the principles of openness and how they can be translated into urban space and practice. The public event connects researchers, academics, professionals, experts as well as decision makers of municipalities and the civil society. We seek to explore innovative methods and tools, integrating existing disciplinary concepts and theoretical approaches of openness towards new perspectives and instruments for the sustainable transformation and development of urban areas.

The OPEN CITY FORUM is part of “OFFENE STADT: Theorien, Perspektiven, Instrumente” – a joint inter- and transdisciplinary research project by TU Braunschweig, TU Dortmund and the German Institute of Urban Affairs, in cooperation with the Senate of the City of Berlin and supported by a renowned advisory board, and funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

The OPEN CITY FORUM is a contribution to the sixth international symposium of the annual ISU Talks.


The Open City Forum is calling for contributions from research and practice, in which different disciplines have described, operationalized or implemented aspects of openness.

The conference committee will be selecting the best abstracts to be extended as short papers for a future publication. Each selected author will present their abstract as base for an in depth discussion and Workshop sessions. Posters are welcome!

Accepted papers will be published in a special edition of TRIALOG JOURNAL.
A book publication is intended.

Forum Topics:
#Open City #Architectures of Openness #Practices of Openness
#Public Spaces of Openness #Urban Development and Uncertainty
#City Information Modeling #Open Urban Systems
#Open Social Structures #Porosity #Inclusiveness #Urbanity of Movement
#Urban Development and Appropriation # …

Abstract Guidelines:
Maximum 500 words (english)

Closing Date: 30.09.2018

[EXTENDED] Closing Date: 05.10.2018


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The ISU with Offene Stadt research group:
Institute for Sustainable Urbanism ISU, TU Braunschschweig, German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu); Department of Urban and Regional Planning, TU Dortmund and Institute of Geoecology, TU Braunschweig.